Better Image Quality - Lower Patient Dose

How does it work?


How does the DIQUAD Analyzer™ work?

The DIQUAD Analyzer™ contains a Landauer Luxel+ dosimeter and a specially packaged Kodak film. Selected metal filters and a mesh target provide the test patterns for image quality analysis. The Luxel+ dosimeter is analyzed by Landauer, Inc. and provides raw data from which dose and beam quality information are derived by DIQUAD. Image quality is analyzed by DIQUAD and combined with the dose and beam quality information to provide you with a comprehensive report covering nine image quality and dose metrics.

Typical Dental Radiograph of Dosimeter

How does the DIQUAD Analyzer™ determine image sharpness?

The entire film image is digitized at high resolution. The mesh pattern is analyzed and an image sharpness (IS) value from 1 to 10 is calculated based on image processing techniques.

  IS = 10                            IS = 5.5

An example of two images of the mesh pattern. The left image (IS = 10.0) is a high quality image indicating how it should appear. The right image (IS = 5.5) is a low quality image indicating loss of detail and information.