Better Image Quality - Lower Patient Dose

Developed by: Joel E. Gray, Ph.D.


Joel E. Gray, Ph.D.

Founded by Joel E. Gray, Ph.D., DIQUAD is dedicated to improving image quality and film processing in dentistry while lowering patient dose. Dr. Gray is a medical physicist with 30-years experience in clinical medical imaging at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota). He has worked at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota), as a consultant to industry and healthcare organizations, and for Lorad (where he helped to develop the Selenia full-field digital mammography system) and Landauer, the world's leading provider of dosimetry services.

DIQUAD can also provide other support for your practice including consulting and educational materials. All of our services are available in the United States as well as worldwide. We maintain a database of all data collected and an archive of all Analyzer™ images (both digital and film). This database provides the ability to develop statistics, including histograms, showing where your practice stands relative to your colleagues and competitors.

DIQUAD, LLC was formed as a limited liability company (LLC) to provide a service to both the dental community and radiation protection agencies. We believe that dental image quality is just as important as patient dose. If the image quality is poor the dentist will have difficulty detecting subtle lesions, or may miss some completely. Consequently, one must focus on Dental Image Quality and Dose.

DIQUAD, LLC’s goal is to work with the dental community and radiation protection agencies and assist them in improving dental image quality while optimizing radiation doses.

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