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Better Image Quality - Lower Patient Dose

Providing QC services worldwide for dental x-ray equipment
for over 14 years using our patented DIQUAD Analyzer™ !!

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"The DIQUAD service is designed to aid dentist’s offices in improving dental image quality while minimizing patient and staff radiation dose. The DIQUAD service is also used by regulatory agencies for inspection purposes."

- Joel E. Gray, Ph.D.

Analyzer Ready to Expose

The DIQUAD Analyzer™ (US Patent 7503694) is a unique device that can evaluate the dental image quality and patient dose for intraoral dental equipment. It can be used for digital or film imaging

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X-Ray Tube Over Analyzer

The DIQUAD Analyzer™ is easy to use. Simply place the cone of the intraoral x-ray tube over the DIQUAD Analyzer™, and make an exposure using the technique for an adult bitewing image.

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DIQUAD, LLC is dedicated to helping dental staff improve image quality and lower (optimize) patient and staff x-ray doses.

DIQUAD, LLC assures the quality of your dental radiographs and low x-ray doses

          • Assure that your patient and staff doses are low
          • Assure image quality and doses are optimized
          • Assistance for x-ray questions and image
            quality problems
          • FAQs on website
          • Used by state radiation protection agencies

DIQUAD, LLC provides a complete service package for state radiation protection agencies, evaluating dental x-ray image quality and x-ray doses including but not limited to...

        • Mail introductory letter to facility from state agency
        • Mail Analyzers™, detailed instructions, and survey form to facility
        • Follow up to assure compliance
        • Provide FAQs on website and 800 number for assistance
        • Complete data analysis
        • Provide a summary report