"Quality Certification" provides a competitive advantage indicating to your patients that your practices meets or exceed the national standards.

A personalized report includes data on nine image quality and dose measurements, plus an indication if the facility meets the specific criteria for each measurement. The following are analyzed:

  • Image Sharpness
  • Film Contrast
  • Film Density
  • Film Base + Fog Level
  • Film Processor Quality
  • Residual sodium thiosulfate (hypo or fixer)
  • Patient Does
  • Half-Value Layer

DIQUAD Analyzer™*

The DIQUAD Analyzer* consists of a Luxel+ Dosimeter and specially packaged Kodak Dental Film packet (with D and E-F speed films in the same packet). Selected metal filters and a mesh target provide the test patterns for image quality analysis.

Films from the DIQUAD Analyzer* are digitized at high resolution. The mesh pattern is analyzed using advanced digital processing techniques to determine the seven image quality measurements.


DIQUAD Assistance

The staff at DIQUAD is dedicated to helping dental facilities minimize patient x-ray doses while optimizing image quality. The FAQ's section of this web site provides information to assist in overcoming x-ray dose and image quality problems. Dental Image Quality Consultants are available to answer any questions not yet addressed in our FAQ's section.

DIQUAD can also provide other support for you practice including consulting and education materials. We maintain a database of all data collected and an archive of all Analyzer films. This database provides the ability to develop statistics, including histograms, showing where your practice stands relative to you colleagues and competitors.

*Patent Pending